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Tuesday, August 11, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Bastrop Private Schools Open For In-Person Learning

Contributed by Deena Thomas
(BASTROP) As the start of school approaches in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Greg Abbott recently granted local school boards power to make final decisions for start dates and method of instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. While public school boards wrestle with the means to ensure student safety and health amid large student populations, private schools in the Bastrop County area work with smaller student populations, making on-campus learning, while following all CDC recommendations, a viable option.
Bastrop ISD students will begin with online instruction from Aug. 18-Sept. 8. All parents were requested to complete a form choosing onsite or online instruction for their students by August 9 so that appropriate plans could be made to serve all students beyond Sept. 8.
Smithville ISD students will begin instruction on August 24. Students will be served based on preference as noted in an instructional programming form completed by pare ...

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Friday, July 10, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Bastrop's Food Pantry Needs You

Contributed by Deena Thomas

(Bastrop) As the pandemic continues, The Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry is looking for community support more than ever. Serving additional people in need, the Pantry anticipates encountering potential shortages.

The Bastrop County Emergency Food Pantry is the first and sometimes only line of defense against hunger for individuals and families in crisis—especially now. Clients now receive food assistance through a pre-bagged curbside model that protects the health of volunteers, staff, and clients.

“To ensure the safety of the county’s most vulnerable population, the Food Pantry suspended all senior activities and now provides food to at-risk and homebound seniors through a contactless delivery system,” Tresha Silva, pantry director said.
Between COVID-19 and the unprecedented lay-offs across the state, the Pantry experienced a 59% increase in requests for services during the first six weeks of the pandemic. The ...

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Friday, July 10, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Back to School in Bastrop

(From Bastrop ISD website)

With so much to consider, so many unknowns and daily updates regarding the pandemic, it is understandable that parents, students and staff have concerns about what the return to school will be like come August. We are listening closely to the Texas Education Agency, to Governor Abbott, to our state and local health authorities, to the UIL, and others. The updates from these agencies and organizations is changing rapidly.

Back to School Planning Team

In Bastrop ISD, we always want to involve our constituents in decision making, and preparing for an August school start is no exception. Nearly 70 individuals were invited to form a Back to School Planning team. The team includes teachers, parents, students, campus staff, and district leaders. This website contains the work of the team as we explore possible options for returning safely to our schools in August 2020. We will continue to update this website as we work through t ...

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Friday, July 10, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

TEA Guidelines for Reopening Schools This Fall


As Mid-August looms nearer and COVID-19 cases spike ever higher in Central Texas counties, parents and communities are gearing up for what the new school year will bring. As of July 7th, the administration is planning on reopening schools according to the stated Safety Guidelines listed on the TEA site for the school year schedules shown at the bottom but with attendance options for parents and children. Each family, at this time, has the option to attend on-site classes or to keep the kiddos at home for remote learning 2.0. 

Remote learning is expected to look different than last school year's experience with more structured schedules, attendance expectations, and daily engagement requirements. Expectations for both on-site and remote learning are aligned and kids using either option are expected to follow the rules to satisfy passing the grade and advancing on to the next level.

It's difficult to say what on- ...

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Friday, July 10, 2020   /   by Jenny Carroll

Our Favorite Digital Distractions During COVID

In the before times, before COVID that is, we were spoiled at the notion of going out to meet friends and family at restaurants, parks, and on vacations seemingly whenever we wanted. Even the idea of flaking or rescheduling to lie instead on our couches doing nothing seemed normal and decadent. Never before would we have imagined that we would be confined and socially distanced from our loved ones and coworkers for such a long time in forced isolation. Oh to go back to that time. A term heard recently is Coronacoaster. 

Coronacoaster, noun: The ups and downs of a pandemic. One day you're loving your bubble, doing workouts, baking sourdough bread and going for long walks and the next you're crying, drinking gin for breakfast and missing people you don't even like.

Many of us have felt this ebb and flow of emotions. To take the edge off, we've become great connaisseurs of media from our phones, TVs, and tablets while we watch streaming services on demand or endle ...

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